Saturday, November 27, 2010

Interview with David Munoz: Director of Three Sad Tigers

Why is the film named "Three Sad Tigers?"
THREE SAD TIGERS makes a reference to the bengali land origin of the three protagonists of the film. These three young men were brave as tigers to work abroad and take the risk, but made a mistake. Now, they are sad for good.

What are the techniques and special technologies that you used in this film? How  did come up with the main idea of the film ?
I have shot the film with a Canon 5D camera photo, which has allowed me to work with HD full frame with exchangeable lens. I have worked on Final Cut the editing and special effects have been produced with Nuke.

What is the message you would like deliver from this film?
The message is: get well informed before you migrate. And don’t do it in an irregular way, because it could easily become a nightmare. Getting a proper labour contract is the only way to guarantee that you are taking a common sense decision.

Is this the first time you participate in this festival?
No, I was honoured to participate last year too with my short documentary film FLOWERS OF RWANDA, a film on Rwandan society now, some years after genocide.

Did the film participate in other international festivals?
THREE SAD TIGERS has already participated in approximately 30 international film festivals. Many of them are important festivals, as Vancouver IFF (Canada), Beirut IFF (Libano), Kasseler Documentary FF (Germany), Pamplona Documentary FF (Spain), etc...

What are the awards the the film has won?
So far the film has won the Best Short Documentary Award of Festival de Cine Secuencia Cero (Spain). It also is a finalist in Japan Prize (Japan), FIBABC (Spain) or Extrema Doc (Spain).

Why did participated in Cairo Human Rights Film festival? and specially why Egypt?
Cairo Human Rights Film Festival is a great project. And I see human rights film festivals as a special spot to screen my film. It is also very good that the film can be screened in Egypt.

What is the human rights' cause that the film present?
Persons must be protected under international laws that oblige all countries to accomplish with basic rules for employment and migration. We cannot admit that millions of persons around the world suffer injustice of irregular employment, which in so many cases destroys their lifes and familes.

How did you present it or express that idea?
In THREE SAD TIGERS, I wanted to report through a documentary film the facts that persons, specially young men in Bangladesh this time, are being cheated and misused by irregular organisations that traffic with persons. So the aesthetics of the film is focused on presenting characters in an effective way, without an observational approach, but a front face one.

What are the obstacles  that you faced while making this film?
It was difficult from the start to make a research to find the three protagonists of the film. Once I got them, it was even harder to make an interview to a promonent middle man that has been sending Bangladeshi workers abroad for the past 30 years.

How do you see the problem of immigration in the third world countries to other developed countries?
We need each other, but don’t to talk about it. Developed countries import persons from all around. But in many cases, it is done in irregular ways, with Governments ignoring in purpose the problems. Also, undeveloped countries should regulate and control the illegal movement of unprotected persons that fall in the hands of criminals. This is a huge challenge and it shpould be faced.

Do the rights of the immigrants get violated ? and how?
Human rights of immigrants are repeatedly violated through illegal contracts and unfair behaviour of Governments, companies and middlemen.